What IELTS bands do I require?

IELTS has a scale of up to 9 bands. Each band for a module shows the specific degree of proficiency in each module. Usually, 6 or more than 6 bands are required to get admission into English-speaking degree programs. The requirement of IELTS varies with the course, type of institution, and level of study. Also, some English- speaking countries like the United Kingdom and Australia require 6.5 or more bands in IELTS or equivalent as an entry requirement for VISA as well.

Can I get an exemption for IELTS?

Yes, there are several cases where you can be exempted from taking IELTS. Let our admission and visa consultants assess your case and evaluate your qualifications and prior study experience to let you know about your qualification for the exemption of IELTS. Visit us with your academic credentials. You may also contact us at +92 320 1212 147 or email at info@destination.pk.

I have a small budget, can I still pursue to study abroad?

To discuss the budget and other financial requirements, book a slot for a free consultation with our study abroad admission and visa experts and discuss how you can finance your education, what amount would you need in hand, how much it is required for bank statement, can you qualify for a scholarship program, how can we assist you fulfilling the finance requirements, and more. Visit us with your academic credentials. You may also contact us at +92 320 1212 147 or email at info@destination.pk.

How often students would be able to support their own education overseas?

When the students travel to study abroad on a self-finance basis, it is important that they must have enough arrangements for their study and living. Though, living wisely and working part-time can help students in a semester or two to at least manage to finance their own living. The best way to find finances to your study is to get a scholarship and maintain it.

What documents do I need for my visa?

As similar to the admission, the visa application is also a personalized file with some general requirements like IELTS, passport, and many more. Once the student received the confirmation of the admission, students are again shared with another list of documents to prepare for the visa application that specifies all the requirements for online or offline submission of validated and verified documents.

I have done BCom only, can I get admission abroad?

It depends on what is your degree. We do have some tailored solutions for the students from BCom background. Discuss these and other options, reserve your slot for a free consultation with Destination study abroad experts.

What are the most popular courses and programs to study in English speaking countries?

Some of the most popular study abroad courses include business, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, human resource, banking, law, genetics, bioengineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, Computer science, data science, robotics, mass communication, journalism, creative arts, literature and arts, movie and drama, and many more.

How can I prepare for IELTS?

Destination offers the services of the highly trained, qualified, and veteran IELTS instructor at quite an affordable rate. Get in touch with us to learn more about the assessment, program, and pricing for the IELTS preparation. Talk to us at +92 320 1212 147 or email at info@destination.pk.

Can I study abroad without IELTS?

Yes, there are several study abroad destinations that do not require IELTS as a language proficiency proof for their English or Non-English programs. To learn more about these programs, book your free study abroad consultation with the admission and visa experts consultants at Destination and discuss your case at length.

Which country is suitable for me?

It depends on what program and course are you interested in and what budget do you have. If you are qualifying for the general requirement to get into a Bachelors or Masters program, you may have multiple options to choose from a list of the renowned, prestigious, as well as affordable study abroad destinations.

Can I work while studying abroad?

Yes, students are allowed to work 20hrs/week almost all across the leading study abroad destinations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, and other regions. Working part-time along with studies help students to not only help themselves with money, but it also allows them to learn more about the culture, people, and society. Besides, working helps students to gain industry experience as well.

What documents do I need to process my admission application overseas?

Processing an admission application to a certain university or college requires a lot of ground work to do before applying. The journey begins with assessment and evaluation for the required admission in selected program, course, country, and university followed by the arrangements of fulfilling the collection of the documents according to the student profile and making a file of the case online as well as offline. After registration, students are shared with a list of document to submit to preparing an admission application to the college or university.

Can I qualify for scholarships?

Qualification for a scholarship depends on the type of scholarship, student’s potential, grades, and fulfiling the requirements for the scholarship as most of the times, students have to compete hard to qualify for a scholarship. Learn more about the other probabilities for the scholarships, visit us with your documents and get yourself evaluated for scholarships qualification at no cost.

Do I require GMAT or GRE for admission in the United States?

GMAT is usually required for MBA programs by certain universities in the US, UK, etc., whereas, GRE can be required by the universities to get into the programs that vastly stress towards high analytical, quantitative, communications, and logical reasoning skills.

What medical examinations do I require to travel to a foreign country for education?

After the COVID pandemic, it is essential for every international traveller to undergo PCR test at least two to three weeks prior to travel to anywhere across the borders. In addition, students are required to undergo TB, complete medical checkup, and some other tests for viral infections to travel to a foreign country.

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