Why do the students travelling abroad need pre- & post-departure guidance?

Pre-and Post-Departure Briefing

What do students need to know about studying & living abroad?

Students must feel comfortable before leaving for a new destination. Our pre-and-post departure briefing covers all these areas:

  • Travel Abroad Assistance and Arrangement
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Local Transport Guidance
  • Student Benefits Abroad
  • Food, Entertainment, and Utilities
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Student Activities
  • Networking & Socialization
  • On-Arrival Essentials & more.

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How do Destination offer pre- & post-arrival support?

We offer a wide range of pre-and post-arrival complementary and value-added services to students travelling anywhere overseas, such as full-fay workshops on student life, university guidance, cultural and religious sensitisation, personal safety measure, handy tips on time and money management, things to carry, etc. We also offer,

Foreign Exchange Support

Assist students with banking and personal exchange ahead of travelling before departure to the destination.

Travel, Insurance, & Accommodation

Support students with pre-and post-travel & on-campus or off-campus accommodation, and more.

Medical Provisions Support

Briefing & arrangements for mandatory on TB, PCR, and other tests and medical insurance.

Socialization & Other Arrangements

Assist students with instant post-arrival essentials local SIM, transfer to accommodation, etc.

Networking Advice

We arrange students meetups so that young and first-time travellers interact with the experienced students that previously have completed their studies abroad. These interactions lead students to burst their myths, learn practical advice, and gain insights from studying, living, and working abroad experience.

Living & Working Guidance

From local travelling, boarding, and lodging tips and searching for student jobs suggestion to a briefing on health, safety, laws, and culture, Destinations prepares you in every way covering all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter for your study destination so you won’t get yourself into any trouble, unknowingly.

Great Benefits from Destination.

Destination is a one-window education overseas services providers to facilitate students with easy, affordable, and instant admission and visa.

Destination Consulting Services

  • Free and sincere assessment for admission, cost of living, & visa eligibility.

  • Simple process and guided processing.

  • Affordable services and options in easy steps.

  • Best universities and colleges in overseas study destination according to your profile.

  • Assessment for scholarships in leading educational hubs.

  • IELTS registration and preparation.

  • Guidance on other financial support from various domestic or international organizations.

  • Free admission or visa interview training to clear all your doubts.

  • Complete guidance about application procedure to apply for student visa or study permit.

  • Get support after you land in a new destination.

Other Accountancy Agencies

  • Concealing charges and forced persuasion for their partner institutes.

  • Complicated process and lengthy processing.

  • Expensive colleges and universities.

  • Limited options for schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Fewer scholarships or no consideration for pre-admission scholarships.

  • Expensive IELTS preparation fees.

  • No financial support guidance.

  • Charge for admission or visa interview training or guidance.

  • Poor student management services after the students get enrolled.

  • No pre- or post-admission and visa counselling.

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