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One-Windom Visa Application Processing Services with Step-by-Step Advice.

We offer our students all-inclusive assistance and ensure to prepare them for all visa requirements. Our dedicated and veteran team of highly qualified Education & Visa Consultants provide honest, reliable, and balanced guidance which will be individually tailored to meet the needs of every student.

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How Does Destination Promise the Flight to Dream Study Destination?

The admission & visa ninjas at Destination just not file visa applications and organized the documentation. They make strategies with planning, research, and decision-making.

Visa Requirements News

Follow every news & update that can affect the study, visa, living, & working abroad aspects.

Visa Policies Study

Communicate university the ground facts so they can contribute towards policies at their land.

University Reps. Assistance

We take assistance from university representatives when beginning the visa process for students.

Visa Processing Experience

Our visa managers have years of experience to identify any anomaly in visa application processing.

UK is the educational hub for international students.

We have experience & expertise in filing visa applications for the students having admission in colleges & universities in the diverse land & interests of the United Kingdom.

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United Kingdom

US is the land of opportunities.

Live your dream to learn and earn in the United States and let us help you prepare and process the visa application fulfilling all their concerns & requirements, intelligently.

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United States

Australia is an international student’s favorite destination to live & work.

Australia has some stringent & particular visa application evaluation criteria that change every a while. The destination can help students to understand & process applications, accordingly.

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Sweden is the gateway to quality studying, living, & working in Europe.

The permit to study in Sweden is easy but requires rules for the visa application process. We know all the highs & downs of the process to get a Sweden study permit for the student.

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Great Benefits from Destination.

Destination is a one-window education overseas services providers to facilitate students with easy, affordable, and instant admission and visa.

Destination Consulting Services

  • Free and sincere assessment for admission, cost of living, & visa eligibility.

  • Simple process and guided processing.

  • Affordable services and options in easy steps.

  • Best universities and colleges in overseas study destinations according to your profile.

  • Assessment for scholarships in leading educational hubs.

  • IELTS registration and preparation.

  • Guidance on other financial support from various domestic or international organizations.

  • Free admission or visa interview training to clear all your doubts.

  • Complete guidance about application procedure to apply for student visa or study permit.

  • Get support after you land in a new destination.

Other Consulting Services

  • Concealing charges and forced persuasion for their partner institutes.

  • Complicated process and lengthy processing.

  • Expensive colleges and universities.

  • Limited options for schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Fewer scholarships or no consideration for pre-admission scholarships.

  • Expensive IELTS preparation fees.

  • No financial support guidance.

  • Charge for admission or visa interview training or guidance.

  • Poor student management services after the students get enrolled.

  • No pre- or post-admission and visa counseling.

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Helping students to the endless journey of knowledge, success, and prospect while assisting them in course, country, & university selection and admission management.

Test & Interview

Guiding students to prepare and fulfil all the entry requirements including entry tests, language tests, interviews, medical, etc. We also offer IELTS Test registration & preparation.

Study Visa Guide

Guiding students to prepare and fulfil all the study visa requirements including student & finance profiling, language tests, interviews, medical, travel arrangements, etc.